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2 min readFeb 5, 2024


BobaCat Society Extends Warmth and Care to Aluksne “Astes un Usas” Pet Shelter

Aluksne, Latvia

Aluksne, Latvia — On January 29th, the BobaCat Society visited “Astes un Usas” (Tails and Whiskers) pet shelter, delivering essential supplies and showcasing the impactful potential of crypto philanthropy. This endeavor represents BobaCat’s ongoing commitment to animal welfare, leveraging cryptocurrency to support those in need.

Facing the severe Latvian winter, with temperatures dropping to -30 degrees Celsius, BobaCat provided the shelter with $1,000 worth of wood briquettes for heating, $1,000 in pet feed, $1,000 for kennel fence reconstruction, and $500 for medical expenses. This comprehensive support package ensures both the health and comfort of the shelter’s 40 cats and 20 dogs.

Organizing and personally delivering these supplies, BobaCat underscores the critical needs of smaller pet shelters. Through such initiatives, BobaCat not only aids in immediate needs but also raises awareness about the benefits of crypto philanthropy and the importance of social support for underserved shelters.

Looking ahead, BobaCat is excited about its next charity event in the Dominican Republic, emphasizing live interactions with pet shelters to discuss crypto philanthropy’s advantages.

Mark Dave, Founder of BobaCat, reflected on the journey: “The progress we’ve made and the lives we’ve touched highlight the core of our mission. It’s rewarding to see our community’s growth and its positive ripple effects. Our plans for the future are ambitious, aiming to broaden our impact and continue educating about blockchain’s potential in philanthropy.”

Acknowledging Our Partners: Our efforts were supported by the generosity and partnership of MoonTok, LakeViewMeta, Safe Sniper, AndyDangy, Dylan, DissiPlays, CryptoOracl3, and Aj Crypto. Their collaboration in spreading the word and supporting our cause has been invaluable, and we look forward to further collaborations that amplify our impact.

About BobaCat Token: Inspired by the Dogecoin co-founder’s adopted cat, BobaCat is a meme token with a profound mission. Funded by the cryptocurrency community, BobaCat emphasizes transparency and engagement, showcasing the real-world impacts of blockchain technology for non-profits.

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